Diamond C

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A new series of low-power, continuous wave CO2 lasers from Coherent now offers high reliability operation for OEM applications. The new Diamond C Series consists of sealed lasers with output powers of 30, 40, 55 and 70W at 10.6µm. These lasers offer good amplitude stability (±5 per cent for air-cooled models and ±3 per cent for liquid-cooled units) and excellent output beam characteristics (M2 <1.2 for 30W and 55W systems, and M2 <1.3 for 40 W and 70 W models). For all models with improved cooling, the warranty is 24 months, and there are no gas refill requirements.

Based on several key design innovations, the new series achieves superior performance compared to earlier, sealed CW CO2 lasers. These innovations include the use of new components and new resonator materials that optimise both laser efficiency and lifetime. In addition, laser cooling and temperature control have been improved to further benefit both laser stability and lifetime.

Diamond C Series lasers are ideal for materials processing applications, such as marking and engraving. The the RF power supply is inside the compact laser head makes OEM integration easier. Typical marking applications include processing plastics, paper, medical packaging, PC boards, and low-cost semiconductor products. The lasers are well suited for applications involving textiles and textile-related products.