ColdAb ultra-short pulsed laser deposition technology

Finnish coating technology specialist Picodeon has developed its ColdAb ultra-short pulsed laser deposition technology (US PLD). The coating system is for use in the application of gold and platinum thin films, enabling thinner films and thereby reducing precious metal costs.

Picodeon’s US PLD deposition is a cold ablation technology which works across a range of coating materials and substrates. By adjusting processing parameters, the structure and properties of the coating can be tailored to the requirements of the application, even for nanostructure-scale surface coatings. The US PLD technology delivers high coating integrity without pinholes, giving improved thin film reliability.

In addition to precious metals, the Coldab process enables the deposition of high hardness compounds such as diamond-like carbon compounds, carbon nitrides, and carbon nitride composites containing polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), boron nitride (BN) or boron carbide (BC) as well as a wide range of other borides, oxides and precious metal thin films.