Techspec High Performance HP-ReflX Objectives

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Edmund Optics has released six microscope objective lenses. The Techspec High Performance ReflX Objectives build on the standard ReflX design with added features that optimise performance.


Like the standard ReflX objectives, the lenses offer a long working distance and high numerical aperture (NA), wide spectral band without chromatic aberration, and both infinite-conjugate, and finite-conjugate designs for focusing or imaging applications.

The Techspec High Performance HP-ReflX Objectives provide low transmitted wavefront distortion of only one-quarter wave, peak-to-valley. The tapered mechanical design enables their use at angles of incidence up to 45°. The lenses also use curved spider leg mounts to eliminate diffraction effects in the image plane that can occur with straight legs.

The lenses offer an NA of 0.28, working distance of more than 23mm, and a focal length of more than 13mm. Three choices of coatings allow the lenses to cover wavelength ranges from the deep UV to 11mm into the IR. Each objective is manufactured in the US and comes with a certificate of compliance.