Colour balanced green laser protection filter

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Brinell Vision has developed a laser safety filter technology which allows the user to see a completely balanced colour view while totally blocking the laser at 532nm, primarily for use in medical applications. According to Brinell Vision, high quality laser protection filters for infrared laser applications are relatively east to design because the wavelengths emitted by such lasers are outside of the visible spectrum. The 532nm wavelength emitted by green lasers, however, is close to the centre of the visible spectrum, making filter design more of a challenge.

Green-light lasers have found many important applications in innovative, non-invasive medical procedures such as the treatment of enlarged prostates and tumour removal, and so a filter capable of making the use of such lasers safe is likely to be in high demand. Brinell Vision's CN-Green technology has been developed in collaboration with Protect Laserschutz, one of Europe’s leading laser protection manufacturers.