New filters in Cristal Clarity line

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Sperian has extended its Crystal Clarity line of laser safety with the introduction of two new filters available in the company's New York or Encore frames. These dielectrically coated filters provide protection over a 30° angle of incidence in accordance international laser eyewear standards (ANSI 136.1 and EN 207). In addition, the filters are stable across working temperatures levels and are 100 per cent tested for optical density and pinholes. Sperian states that the filters are lightest weight coated filters in the industry.

Filter 42, provides an EN 207 DIR L5 from 925-1060nm and DIR L6 at 1064nm. This clear lens has a 92 per cent visible light transmission ( VLT), allowing the user to distinguish all the colours of the spectrum. Filter 40 provides excellent vision with a 72 per cent visible light transmission and is suitable for use with most medical laser systems, offering protection at 755-810nm and 950nm through the infrared up to 10600nm.

Sperian Crystal Clarity filters are available in the company's New York spectacle design, which incorporates a number of comfort features, or in the Encore frame style, which also fits over corrective spectacles. Sperian Crystal Clarity filters and the New York and Encore frames all come with a lifetime guarantee, thereby ensuring a low cost of ownership due to the long product lifetime.