Hard Clad Silica and Hard Clad Silica/Silica Fibres

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AMS Technologies has launched Fiberguide Industries’ line of large core multimode optical fibres.

The product line features Hard Plastic Clad standard Silica core fibres with a Numerical Aperture (NA) of 0.39 and Hard Plastic Clad Low Hydroxyl (OH) Silica core fibres with an NA of 0.22 and attenuation of 3.5dB/km at 800nm // 8.6dB/km at 1060nm respectively.

The high concentricity and core-to-clad ratio enable excellent connection alignment, fibre core positioning and high transmission bundles. Hard polymer coating increases fibre strength and protects the fibre during buffer stripping to prevent fibre breakage. Robust PHCS bonding prevents pistoning and provides more stable crimp-and-cleave or epoxy terminations. All materials are biocompatible and tested against USP Class VI.

Applications of the Hard Clad fiber include laser delivery systems, short to medium distance data communications, factory automation, near-IR spectroscopy, optical pyrometry and automotive cabling.

AMS Technologies is the official distributor of Fiberguide Industries in Europe,