The Commander

Macpherson has released The Commander, a triple spectrometer for Raman spectroscopy, which is now available for a wider wavelength range. This instrument works in the 185nm to 2,200nm region with a selection of diffraction gratings. It delivers edge rejection within 5cm-1cm in the visible spectral region.

The Commander is free from chromatic aberrations by using mirrors throughout. The aspheric mirrors correct and improve imaging performance to give good signal levels at the detector, even with weakly emitting samples. The entrance slit width and intermediate aperture in the filter stage allow users to set slope of the edge rejection as well as the wavelength range at the detector. The primary spectrograph is vacuum compatible. In addition, the double-monochromator filter stage and sample area may be nitrogen purged to eliminate water and oxygen absorption. Under ideal circumstances, this combination of environmental control allows the spectrometer to operate at wavelengths as short as 160nm.

The improved Commander features multiple ports for different experiments such as UV Raman and photoluminescence. It is suitable for research, development, and educators.