SeaBreeze OEM driver software

Ocean Optics has introduced its new SeaBreeze OEM driver software, developed for in embedded system applications. This compact, fast and flexible software saves OEMs time and money with a basic starting platform that can be customised, by developers, for their own unique applications and instruments.

Without the typical Java run time load of other platforms, SeaBreeze delivers faster processing and is compact enough to be built directly into spectral libraries smaller than 500k. Its superior speed is achieved by minimal overhead between requesting and reading out data. SeaBreeze communicates with devices using different protocols and buses and easily accommodates the addition of support for new features within existing devices. The portable software design enables SeaBreeze to be adapted to new platforms simply by providing a native implementation of the bus interfaces for the target.

Intended for use by experienced C/C++ programmers, SeaBreeze provides a starting point for developers that would otherwise have to create an equivalent device interface because existing options are too large or complex for their application. It supports most Ocean Optics’ USB spectrometers for Linux and Windows operating systems, and is extensible so developers can add required enhancements to increase functionality and device compatibility.