Compact 1064nm PQS lasers with higher average power

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Teem Photonics has released its new compact, passively Q-switched (PQS) laser at 1064nm, featuring a twofold increase in average power. Identical in package size to picosecond microchip lasers, these longer pulsed nanosecond lasers generate as much as four hundred milliWatts average power. The SNP-400P produces 400mW; the SNP-30E emits more than 30µJ per pulse; the SNP-7PW optimises between pulse energy and average power, delivering 21µJ per pulse and 350mW. Even though these lasers are passive, they are designed so users have the option of varying the average power.  Applications for these higher average power nanosecond lasers include marking of hard materials, such as graphitisation of diamonds, and biophotonics, for cell manipulation.