SNV and SNU series PQS UV microchip lasers

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Teem Photonics has announced a fourfold increase in the average power output of its passively Q-switched (PQS) ultraviolet microchip lasers. These lasers are widely used for their peak powers of several kilowatts from pulses just a few hundred picoseconds in duration. The latest 355nm SNV and 266nm SNU series PQS UV microchip lasers deliver four times the average power of previous, similarly sized lasers. Models such as the 355nm SNV-40F and 266nm SNU-40F achieve this increase by running at higher repetition rates, up to 40kHz. Other models such as the SNV-02E and SNU-02E have higher pulse energies, emitting more than 2µJ per pulse. Applications for these UV lasers include laser induced fluorescence (LIF), microdissection, biohazard detection, and the analysis and processing of organic compounds, especially in the life sciences.