Compact 500/400

Dilas Industrial Laser Systems has released the COMPACT 500/400, which provides a power extension of 500W, 400µm fibre at 980nm within its Compact Series of fibre-coupled, turnkey diode laser systems. The 980nm, Compact 500W, 400µm is based on a fibre-coupled module using Dilas' conduction-cooled laser diode bars. It comes with an industrial water-to-air chiller, power supply and an integrated control unit. The turnkey diode laser system is controllable via 24V interface signals and its compact 19-inch rack mounts make it easy to integrate for OEM integrators.

Using a QBH high-power fibre, the Compact 500/400 delivers 500W of cladding-free optical power and is an ideal source for fiber laser pumping, materials processing and medical applications. Up to power levels of 100W, the Compact Series is also available air-cooled with a SMA fibre. Dilas Industrial Laser Systems can incorporate all available wavelengths into the Compact Series, ranging from 640nm to 2,200nm. The system includes a 5m metal-armored fibre, optical imaging unit and laser warning lamps.

The Compact Series can be combined with a wide range of accessories for process control, including laser processing heads, cameras, pyrometer, galvo scanner and galvo scanner with integrated pyrometer.