Mini fibre-coupled modules

Dilas Industrial Laser Systems has released a new integrated diode laser system based on fibre-coupled modules - the Mini. Despite the small dimensions of 336 x 144mm, the high-power diode laser system delivers optical output powers of up to 50W CW at 980nm from of a 400μm fibre, and up to 35W CW power out of a 200μm fibre. Cooling is provided by Peltier elements and air flow. The system can be controlled via an USB port using the supplied software or by conventional analogue and 24V signals.

The Mini is available as an easily integrable OEM version (without housing) or as a housed desktop version. A fibre optic cable of 5m length and with SMA connector allows flexible beam guidance to the working area. Available accessories like processing heads of different focal spot sizes and working distances can be used in conjunction with the system. Furthermore, the integrated red pilot beam facilitates to adjust the laser to the work piece.

The MINI is suitable for a variety of applications in direct materials processing, such as selective soldering and welding of plastics. Different wavelengths (630-2000nm) are available upon request.