Compact laser system

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Dilas Industrial Laser Systems has introduced a new diode laser system based on a diode laser module with an optical output power of 30W CW and increased beam quality.

This module is integrated into the Compact platform, the fibre-coupled turnkey diode laser system solution. Due to the beam parameter product of ±11mm mrad (100µm fibre core diameter, NA 0.22), this direct diode laser system can handle new application fields in materials processing since considerably small focal diameters can be reached. In combination with Dilas’ standardised processing heads, like fixed optics with integrated pyrometer and CCD camera or galvo scanner heads, applications such as micro plastics welding and selective micro soldering can be performed. Especially in medical device manufacturing those processes gain more importance.

Miniaturisation of the products requires production technologies that are able to connect smallest solder joints or weld micro fluidic devices. Focus diameters of less than 180µm with Dilas' fixed optics or less than 400µm when using a galvo scanner are reached. The standard package comes with a fibre cable and focusing head.