Dilas SF1000/400

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Dilas has announced its next generation fibre-coupled system, developed for volume production in industrial applications.

The Dilas SF1000/400 is capable of delivering up to 1kW output from a 400µm fibre at 976nm, at a single wavelength. The fibre-coupled system is based on macro-channel cooled diode laser bars featuring a compact footprint and convenient aiming beam. With a beam parameter product of 44mm mrad, this system delivers 1kW through a cladding-mode free QBH high-power 400µm core diameter fibre, NA0.22 or an optional 800µm core diameter, NA0.12 fibre.

The laser is also available with a Q5 (LLK-B) industrial fibre connector. The turnkey system comes with a water-air-chiller, diode laser power supply, and control unit providing external interfaces, chassis and metal-armoured fibre. The 1kW system is designed with a user friendly interface for ease of integration of material processing workstations.