Turnkey diode laser system

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Dilas has launched its Compact Series of air- or water-cooled, fibre-coupled, high-power diode laser systems with power levels ranging from 40W to 400W using 400µm NA0.2 fibres and from 25W to 100W using 200µm NA0.22 fibres.

The Compact Series turnkey system comprises of a number of individual elements that can be selected and housed within a 19-inch rack mountable chassis. These elements include the laser source, water cooler if appropriate, optional pyrometers and remote diagnostic units, plus metal armoured fibre cables and imaging optics with protection glass. This configuration coupled with the fibre technology provides a simple and flexible solution for OEM integrators and machine builders.

For power levels up to 100W the system uses SMA fibres and is based on air cooling and for higher power levels, the system uses high power QBH-fibres and this part of the range is water cooled.

The system is available in wavelengths of 980nm or 808nm as standard, with other wavelengths available as options upon request. A series of processing heads, which also offer camera and pyrometer options, enable closed loop operation of the system in pre-defined temperature ranges between 150 and 700oC.


The system is suitable for high quality applications within the medical device and automotive industries.


To increase the field of operation, the laser the system can also be provided with an optional galvo-scanner head.