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Compass 561-50 laser

The latest Compass 561 laser from Coherent delivers 50mW at 561nm, while offering lower noise than other solid state yellow lasers.  This frequency-doubled, diode-pumped solid state laser has a noise specification of 0.25 per cent rms, from 10Hz to 1GHz, as well as excellent beam characteristics (M²<1.2 and beam-pointing stability <6 μrad/°C). 

In addition, Compass 561 uses PermAlign construction to achieve superior reliability and lifetime characteristics, and is backed by a 13-month warranty, with unlimited operating hours.


These performance specifications, together with its compact size of 100 x 40 x 32.5mm, make this new Compass 561 suitable for OEM bioinstrumentation applications, including flow cytometery, confocal microscopy and other types of bioimaging. In particular, the 561nm output is optimum for exciting several key fluorophores, such as rhodamine series and Alexa Fluor dyes, where it provides better separation between excitation and fluorescence than 532nm.  


The Compass 561-50 laser has the same form, fit and function as the previous generation of both the Compass 561nm lasers and the Coherent Compass 532 nm series, allowing OEM customers to take immediate advantage of the higher power at 561nm. 



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