Components for customising miscroscopes

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Siskiyou now offers a comprehensive set of interchangeable modules and accessories that enable users to customise the functionality of optical microscopes from all major manufacturers (e.g., Zeiss, Nikon, Olympus), or even to build their own microscope. 

The heart of the system is a cube beamsplitter assembly (CBH-1.0) designed to sit in the infinity space of a conventional microscope. The CBH-1.0 provides open access in two orthogonal axes perpendicular to the microscope tube axis, and forms the foundation to which a range of other optomechanical modules can be attached. These unique modules combine the flexibility of an open cage, or breadboard type, microscope system with the superior rigidity and stability of a traditional, monolithic, tube-based microscope.

The range of modular accessories includes a self-registering slide assembly that allows a 45º beamsplitter or mirror to be smoothly inserted or removed from the microscope tube, without disruption or misalignment of the optical path. This permits various filters to be used interchangeably in the excitation light and/or imaging path.  Or, the CBH-1.0 can be used to incorporate a second camera into the microscope – just below the trinocular assembly. Together with a new fiber optic chuck accessory, the beamsplitter module also enables any fibre delivered laser, or other focused light source, to be directed or scanned anywhere in the field of view. 

Yet another available module is an interchangeable objective assembly, based on a unique pivot arrangement, which delivers superior opto-mechanical registration and alignment, compared to traditional objective turrets.