Conduction-cooled, multi-bar laser diodes

Dilas is now offering a new conduction-cooled, multi-bar module with a homogeneous top-hat optical beam profile, capable of handling up to 500W output in standard wavelengths.

The homogenised conduction-cooled, multi-bar modules are based on Dilas' micro-optics beam shaping expertise. By using this concept, Dilas claims to have obtained a 95 per cent homogenised intensity profile. The spot geometries can vary from line sources (12mm x 300µm) to larger areas (52 x 2mm2). Customised focus geometries are also possible.

Designed for materials processing applications such as plastics welding, thermal annealing and braising, these homogenised, multi-bar modules are also suitable for soldering, recrystallisation or drying of surfaces in solar cell production applications.

Conduction-cooled, multi-bar modules are available with optional features to include a power sensor and user exchangeable protection window. Each Dilas module is manufactured according to the industry's highest standards, resulting in stable sources achieving high optical efficiency and, reduction in capital expenditures and operating costs.