High-power, vertical diode laser stacked arrays

Dilas has introduced a range of high-power vertical diode laser stacked arrays available at 9xxnm (915nm, 940nm and 980nm) wavelength with 150W output power, continuous-wave (CW) per bar. 

The vertical stacks are designed specifically for applications such as diode pump solid-state laser, materials processing, defence, and medical requiring kilowatts of continuous-wave (CW) laser power in a compact, easy to integrate package.

The water-cooled vertical stack is available up to 30 stacked bars with collimation for fast-axis and slow-axis configurations. Enduring the toughest tolerances, the advanced housings and high-precision optic mounting give users full control and allow all beamlets to be parallel within +/- 3mrad.

The standard design is an open stack with models that include a dust protective or a hermetically sealed housing. Different models are available, with custom solutions upon request. In addition, the standard configuration, the stacks can be customized to fit specific requirements for interfaces, beam propagation, mechanical dimensions, etc.