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Newport has introduced Conex-LDS, an ultra-compact, high-precision electronic autocollimator, used for the analysis of resonance modes of structures.

The angular sensitivity of the high resolution controller is 0.01µrad and is ideal for measuring very small angular variations and enabling extremely accurate alignment procedures. Conex-LDS is used for traditional metrology applications in production environments such as pitch, yaw, straightness, bearing eccentricity and wobble. It is also well-suited for all high precision industrial applications that require non-contact alignment and angular measurement.

The compact and portable design, the integrated ±0.85° field of view (FOV) eyepiece, plus the included mounting accessories enable quick setup on site and/or on the production floor. The autocollimator is equipped with a PSD sensor, selected for its fast response time. The architecture supports, via the analogue outputs, a sampling frequency of 2kHz, making it possible to observe and analyse very rapid events such as structural vibrations. For added convenience, the embedded controller supports RS-422 communication, which is USB-compatible via the Conex-USB-RS422 converter.

Each unit is individually tested and delivered with a calibration and certification report. The Class II laser device is safe to operate and comes with easy-to-use software.