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Newport has introduced its SCG-02 Wavelength Extender to its line of nonlinear microscopy and spectroscopy application solutions.

The Wavelength Extender is specifically designed as a modular solution for supercontinuum generation when used with femtosecond Ti:Sapphire lasers, such as Newport Spectra-Physics’ Tsunami, MaiTai DeepSee, and MaiTai ultrafast oscillators. The SCG-02 is factory preassembled and pre-aligned and can be easily integrated into ultrafast light sources to provide turnkey solutions for multimodal spectroscopy and imaging.

Ideal for a variety of spectroscopy and microscopy applications, the laser input is split into two parallel beams, the fundamental pump, and the parallel, unfiltered broadband supercontinuum. This flexibility allows for both the external selection of particular spectra of interest, and the independent use or recombination of both beams. The fundamental beam passes through an integrated attenuator to enable precise control of the output power.