Cryo-Optic X-Plane, Fusion F2 and Hila Workstation

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Montana Instruments has expanded its line of closed-cycle optical cryostats with three new products. Montana’s platforms, technologies, and full-product solutions will enable a new array of cryogenic applications and measurements for researchers worldwide.

The Cryo-Optic X-Plane with spectrometer integration leverages Montana’s Cryo-Optic technology. A new horizontal objective design provides seamless integration with other optical measurement systems while maintaining easy access to the sample. The sample space and objective can also be coupled directly to many third-party optical spectrometers through a configurable optical train breadboard space.

The Fusion F2 with integrated cold sample electronics is a new mid-sized platform with elevated beam height and increased working volume. It offers room for additional equipment without sacrificing thermal performance. This system also incorporates a redesigned modular cold circuit board to simplify wiring and provide options for robust customisation.

The Hila Workstation is a high inertia, low acceleration and ultra-stable cryogenic platform that provides the ideal environment for sensitive SPM or resonant cavity applications.