CUBE 405 100mW laser

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The latest CUBE 405 laser from Coherent delivers twice the power of previous models without any increase in footprint. 

Specifically, this new CUBE model outputs 100mW at 405nm and is contained in the same 100x40x40mm (3.9x1.6x1.6in.) package as all other CUBE lasers.  Furthermore, this increase in output power has not come at the expense of beam quality or noise.  The semiconductor laser based CUBE 405 100mW still provides a TEM00 beam (M²<1.5) and <0.2 per cent rms noise (from 20Hz to 10MHz). The new laser also offers the same modulation capabilities as other CUBE lasers, with a digital modulation bandwidth of 150MHz, and an analog modulation bandwidth of 350kHz. 

The combination of high output power, excellent beam quality and low noise make the CUBE 405 100mW particularly well suited for applications in bio-instrumentation, where it will enable better separation and increased signal quality.  It can also serve as a source for next generation clinical instruments, where it will provide faster scan speeds or increased signal to noise ratio.