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The transmitter module PDL-1315M/TM, from Laser Components, is constructed using a 1300nm Edge Emitting LED (ELED); such ELED’s efficiently couple their optical output into single mode optical fibre. The PLD-2315TM/M receiver module is made up of a 75µm diameter InGaAs PIN photodiode optimised for high response in the 1300nm wavelength region and has been teamed with a low noise TIA. The PLD-1315 and PLD-2315 series are designed to be backward compatible with industry standard sources and detectors used for single mode fibre applications. This form factor allows designers to offer single mode fibre performance in applications, that currently use short wavelength (850nm) devices in identical form factor packages. A link upgrade from multimode to single mode fibre can be done as easily as swapping out the optical components on the printed circuit board.