CVN Series

OSI Systems company OSI Laser Diode has introduced its CVN Series of high power monolithic stack, pulsed laser diodes.  

Featuring reliable, high efficiency performance, the new product family offers stable operation in extreme environmental conditions, from -40°C to +85°C. The diodes operate from 895nm to 915nm, with a typical peak wavelength at 905nm. The series’ peak power (at 25°C, typical) is 375W and they are available in both single and stacked; the fibre-coupled devices are operational up to 188W.

The monolithic-stack, pulsed laser diodes from LDI come in standard packaging that includes TO18C, TO18T, TO5C, TO5F, TO5T, and 9mm housings, for added convenience. The new family of products is ideal for use in range finding, ceilometers, weapons simulation, surveying equipment, homeland security, lidar, and adaptive cruise control.