Cyan series

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Newport's Spectra-Physics lasers division has added CDRH-compliant models to its popular Cyan series of continuous wave (CW) 488nm solid-state lasers. Designed for tabletop use in research laboratories the Cyan Scientific 488nm serves a wide range of cell analysis applications including confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, and DNA sequencing. The Cyan Scientific laser operates single frequency and delivers an excellent beam quality with very low optical noise and high reliability, at power levels from 10 to 50mW. It delivers a spectral line width of less than 1MHz for demanding applications such as Raman spectroscopy or interferometry

With a laser head that measures only 125 x 70 x 34mm, the Cyan Scientific is very easily integrated into experiments. It has an active power control enables quick start-up and automated operation. The built-in interlock interface and mechanical shutter ensure safe operation and CDRH compliance.