Pantera High Power Picosecond Ultraviolet Laser

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Newport Spectra-Physics has released its high-power picosecond Pantera laser. 

This diode-pumped solid-state laser uses a fibre amplifier platform to deliver 12W of stabilised UV power at a wavelength of 355nm. The Pantera provides picosecond laser pulses at a very high repetition rate of 80MHz, and offers excellent mode quality (TEM00). Newport's Pantera laser is ideal for a wide range of OEM applications, particularly in solar cell, flat panel display, printed circuit board and semiconductor manufacturing.

The Pantera UV laser uses a Master Oscillator Power Fiber Amplifier (MOPFA) design with a mode-locked seed laser, a powerful fibre amplifier and highly-efficient frequency conversion. The fibre amplifier is powered by fibre coupled, hermetically sealed diodes and is not affected by external influences such as mechanically-induced misalignment.