Cylinder lenses and mirrors

The Berliner Glas Group has extended its manufacturing expertise. The company now offers cylinder lenses and mirrors in lengths up to 2,000 mm with the highest surface qualities. The complete optical manufacturing chain has once again been improved for this purpose.

Additional large polishing machines have been added to the cylinder optics production of Berliner Glas. These machines have been specially developed in cooperation with the supplier for the specific requirements. Furthermore, a new corrective procedure has been implemented and metrological capturing has been optimized at the same time. The whole production process is completed with the greatest care and in consideration of the highest requirements on cleanliness.

The innovative cylinder lenses and mirrors are used to expand and homogenize laser beams, for example in laser annealing and laser lift-off processes to produce AMOLED displays for smartphones, tablets and TVs.

But the Berliner Glas Group's portfolio does not just cover the development and production of these key components. The services are rounded off by coating the optics as well as the assembly in frames for low-stress mounting of the optics.