D-Imager 3D image sensor

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After seven years of extensive research and development, Panasonic Electric Works has announced its D-IMager 3D image sensor.

The D-IMager uses near-infrared LEDs to emit light into a given area, which is reflected by objects and detected by a specially designed charge-coupled device (CCD). When an object draws nearer or moves away, the delay between when the light is emitted and detected varies. By comparing such image data on a pixel-by-pixel basis, the D-IMager ascertains changes in distance precisely and in real time. This is known as the Time of Flight principle.

Processing such 3D data and sensing motion accurately makes the D-IMager perfect for a wide range of applications, from gesture-controlled digital games to remote control to building security. Panasonic’s patented background light suppression allows the D-IMager to be used even under strong ambient light conditions.