D6F MEMS mass flow sensors

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Omron Components Business Europe (OCB-EU) has launched a MEMS flow sensor, which is can customise to individual customer requirements in terms of flow rate and non-corrosive gas type. 

Omron can provide mass flow sensors suitable for any flow rate from one mm/s to 40 m/s or one LPM to 50 LPM of most non-corrosive gasses.  The customisation service is subject to a minimum order size of around 100 sensors. 

Omron B6TS capacitive touch sensors can also now also be customised, as designers are able to specify different styles of touch control for each of up to 16 available channels.  This service is subject to a minimum order quantity. The B6TS is offered in four, eight and 16 channel versions, with each channel being able to manage an independent rotary, slider or on-off switch control surface. At the same time Omron has also introduced a new, higher performance version of its eight-channel touch sensor, known as the B6TS-08LF.  

Omron has also released its RF MEMS switch design, offering a typical life of 100 million operations. Designed for low loss and distortion, it is ideal for high-speed automatic test equipment and RF measuring instruments.

Target specifications promise an ultra-wide 15GHz bandwidth and fast switching time of only 100ms.