LabMax-Pro SSIM

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The new LabMax-Pro SSIM laser power meter from Coherent works with the company’s recently introduced PowerMax-Pro sensors (Patent Pending) to enable high speed measurements of lasers from 300 nm to 11 µm. The LabMax-Pro SSIM is the next generation of Coherent’s ground breaking LabMax meter.  Specifically, the LabMax-Pro SSIM can perform continuous sampling at repetition rates of up to 20 kHz, and also supports a “snapshot mode” that acquires 350 ms of continuous data at a 156 kHz sampling rate.  The latter enables pulse shape analysis of ten microsecond and greater pulse width sources, such as RF modulated CO2 lasers and long pulse medical lasers, which is only possible using the new PowerMax-Pro sensors and this new meter.

LabMax-Pro SSIM interfaces with a host computer through either USB or RS-232. LabMax-Pro PC, a new Windows PC application, then enables instrument control and displays measurement results, including laser tuning and pulse shape visualization.  The software also performs a wide range of analysis functions, such as live statistics, histograms, trending and data logging.  Furthermore, all these functions can be displayed in separate panes which can be viewed simultaneously and dynamically resized by the user as needed.  In addition, host commands can be sent through either the USB or RS-232 interface, which is particularly useful for embedded applications.  Since the LabMax-Pro interfaces via USB and utilizes Windows, the LabMax Pro can be interfaced to any Windows 8 based device including tablets and Smart Phones that operate on the Windows 8 platform.  This unique capability gives users flexibility to display data and allow state of the art color and touch screen displays.

The LabMax-Pro SSIM is compatible with Coherent PowerMax-Pro sensors and PM model thermopiles.  For both of these detector types, calibration data is read directly from an EEPROM on the sensor; the user simply enters the wavelength to utilize spectral calibration data. The LabMax Pro SSIM also supports external triggering and provides an analog output port. 

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