DC 050 laser

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Rofin has released the DC 050 for welding applications, from the company's DC Series.

This laser demonstrates its superior capability, especially during the processing of thick sheet metal. The fundamental mode laser quality of the Slab laser and its output power of 5,000W also enable high-pressure cutting with long focal lengths, which make process stability at high cutting speeds possible, considering their extreme sharpness. For welding applications, DC Series lasers with output power ratings of up to 8,000W are available.

The laser consists of long-lasting components, which are few in number and require minimal maintenance. The result is highly reduced maintenance and service expenses. Even gas usage is minimal: the gas bottle within the laser head can be used for up to 15 months. The laser beam generated in the resonator is transmitted out via a diamond window. This diamond window has no influence on the generated beam and is the only transmissive element in the beam path. Mirrors directly cooled by water are used exclusively as reflective optics, and are characterised by their robustness and freedom from wear-and-tear.