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Designed for industrial material processing Rofin's StarPico, with its patented resonator design and robust set-up, delivers a pulse duration of 12ps, pulse energy of 100µJ and an adjustable pulse repetition rate of up to 20MHz.

Cold laser material processing with ultrashort pulse (USP) lasers is one of the most promising new technologies and, according to Rofin, this picosecond laser allows ‘cold’ material processing of hard and brittle material and is particularly suited to applications within the electronics, semiconductor, precision engineering, micro and medical device industry.

The many benefits that users can realise include high processing speeds, easy integration and performance suited to 24/7 operation. Post-processing when using the StarPico laser is also reduced to a minimum.

The StarPico is available as an OEM laser source or can be supplied as a laser solution equipped with a complete package comprising: beam guidance, fixed optics or a galvo head for high-performance and high-precision cutting, structuring, ablating, marking and drilling. As an option, a frequency-doubled version with a wavelength of 532nm is also available.