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DC-200/40-PZ-Yb-03 single-mode Yb fibre

NKT Photonics has introduced its DC-200/40-PZ-Yb-03, a single-mode, polarising double-clad ytterbium-doped fibre with a large mode area and the company's Coil Control feature. The flexible ytterbium fibres features a mode area of more than 650µm2 while maintaining single-mode beam quality. Moreover, the polarising fibre results in improved PER compared to normal polarisation-maintaining fibres.

The multi-mode pump light is guided by the company's 'airclad' technology, ensuring low loss, high damage threshold and a large numerical aperture (NA). The large NA relaxes tolerances on coupling optics and facilitates the use of lower brightness diodes.  

The robust single-mode guidance, excellent PER and a large mode area mean that the DC-200/40-PZ-Yb-03 is an attractive choice for high end industrial fibre laser manufactures. The fibre is available with sealed ends or with end-caps and high power SMA connectors in the company's aeroGain Flex range. NKT's Coil Control feature ensurers that the fibre always coils in the correct plane, leading to superior mode stability and easy use.


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