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Femto Messtechnik has introduced a new sub-femto current amplifier, the DDPCA-300, which offers a wide gain range from 104 up to 1013 V/A, that can be set manually or by remote interface.

The sophisticated design achieves an extremely low input noise. Thus, the amplifier can be used over a large dynamic range of more than 240dB for the measurement of currents from sub-femto amps up to milliamps. The compact housing is optimised for use close to the signal source avoiding signal perturbations or noise pick-up due to long cables. Various signal filters are integrated for adaptation to differing signal conditions and measurement requirements. The amplifier is construed for DC measurements with low drift and negligible offset. An adjustable bias voltage at the amplifier input is provided for the I/V characterisation of high impedance semiconductor structures and electronic components.

Typical applications for the DDPCA-300 current amplifier include high sensitivity current and charge measurements, spectroscopy, characterisation of MOS structures, as well as the use as photodiode amplifier or sub-femto amp extension for standard digital voltmeters or A/D converters.