Debris shields

Optical Surfaces is now able to supply debris shields to protect optics from ancillary debris and shrapnel that may occur when using high power laser beams. As laser beam energy and target size increase, there is a greater risk that ancillary debris and shrapnel can damage target-facing optics. The use of debris shields to protect typically expensive final reflective or refractive focusing high power optics is a well-established technique of cost effectively extending their lifetime.

Working with a range of glasses including BK-7 and fused silica, which offer good homogeneity and transmission from the UV to the Near-IR, Optical Surfaces is able to supply customer specified debris shields of virtually any shape and thickness.

Manufacturing large, high quality debris shields combines the dual demands of producing a precision wavefront on a flexible window with a high diameter to thickness ratio. Benefiting from a stable manufacturing environment and proprietary production techniques Optical Surfaces' skilled and experienced craftsmen are able to economically produce debris shields with typical wavefront error of lambda/10 and surface finish of 40/20-10/5.