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Large High Precision Laser Windows

Optical Surfaces has released a range of bespoke large, high precision laser windows.

Within a stable manufacturing environment and using proprietary production techniques, craftsmen are able to routinely produce high-power laser windows up to 600mm in diameter with typical wavefront error of lambda/10 and surface finish of 40/20 to 10/5.

To optimise the performance of rapid-pulsed (femtosecond) high-power lasers, Optical Surfaces is able to supply the latest dielectric coatings on windows to provide minimum pulse distortion, maximum usable bandwidth and durability.

In applications where there is significant risk of mobile material as a result of high-power laser ablation - Optical Surfaces also has considerable experience of producing large ultra flexible windows (debris shields) to protect the final high precision lens that focuses laser energy onto the targets. Manufacturing debris shields combines the dual demands of producing a precision wavefront (typically lambda/5 to lambda/10) on a flexible window with a high diameter to thickness ratio (e.g. 372mm diameter and 10mm thickness).


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