DENICAFC 488-20 blue laser

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Klastech has introduced the DENICAFC 488-20, a 488nm laser that provides an output power up to 20mW in a compact design measuring only 123 x 64 x 58mm³ (L x W x H).

Based on the company's own laser technology of Double ENhanced Intra-CAvity Frequency Conversion (DENICAFC) the laser provides single frequency operation with coherence length of more than 50m. It emits an optical beam in a TEM00 spatial mode with M²< 1.1, allowing tight focusing for sample illumination. With an intensity noise level of less than 0.3 per cent rms from 2Hz to 10MHz the DENICAFC 488 is an ideal choice for applications in bioinstrumentation, interferometry, Raman spectroscopy and confocal microscopy or other applications requiring high spectral stability and long coherence like holography.

The active power control includes automatic output parameter stabilisation to assure a high stability of output power with less than two per cent over four hours. The high reliability guarantees a multi-year operational lifetime reducing the instrument and service costs. It is projected to last more than 10,000 hours.