Scherzo LP DPSS laser

Klastech-Karpushko Laser Technologies has launched the 532nm Scherzo LP DPSS laser. The laser provides continuous wave (CW) output at 532nm in a miniaturised package. The Klastech platform provides high second harmonic conversion efficiency, resulting in low power consumption and crucially the ability to utilise smaller pump diodes in a simplified optical train. All this reduces manufacturing cycle time and significantly reduces material costs.

In common with all other Klastech DPSS lasers, the Scherzo LP exhibits silent running (<0.3 per cent rms noise), provides diffraction limited output beams with M2 better than 1.05, achieves long term power stability of <2 per cent and due to the multi-point thermal management, boasts beam pointing stability of <10µrad/°C.

Inherently producing pitch perfect single frequency performance with a line width less than 1MHz, the laser can be utilised in most areas, from bio-photonics where SLM performance may not be required, to high end metrology and spectroscopy applications. The laser is available in powers from 10-50mW. Higher powers are available from the larger Scherzo.