Diamond E-250

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Coherent has launched the Diamond E-250, a fully sealed, pulsed CO2 laser offering 250W of average power and more than 750W of peak pulse power. The laser has its RF power module integrated within the same housing as the laser tube, eliminating the RF umbilical cable required in older Coherent K-series lasers.

With an output wavelength of 10.6µm, the Diamond E-250 is suited to applications such as cutting, drilling, scribing, engraving, and marking of a variety of materials such as paper, cardboard, acrylic, plastic, glass, ceramics, textiles, denim, leather, rubber, thin metals, wood and stone.

In addition, Coherent is offering the new Diamond E-250i with an output wavelength of 9.4µm. The shorter wavelength can be used to process materials such as films and plastics used in mobile devices.