JenLas fibre CW 1000

Jenoptik has launched the JenLas fibre CW 1000, its first product in the kilowatt fibre laser market, enabling it to extend its reach into the field of macro material processing.

This highly brilliant single-mode high-power fiber laser system features high performance stability and a long life time of the laser source. Because of that, constantly high productivity is achieved in the respective applications at a high processing speed. Compared to other laser sources such as the CO2 lasers, fibre lasers are more energy-efficient and thus more cost-effective.

The fibre laser has been optimised for use in laser processing systems, for example, for industrial applications such as metal cutting and metal welding. The OEM laser source is offered in a compact 19-inch housing, including the corresponding operating software. Operational safety is ensured by a safety lock made of certified components. The laser comes with several user interfaces such as RS232, EtherCAT and USB port. In addition, a parallel customer-specific interface can be used.