Diode laser bars

Dilas has expanded its range of high-power diode laser bars by extending its offerings to water-cooled laser diodes for alkali lasers.

These lasers pump at 766nm, 780nm and 852nm and use micro-channel heat sinks for CW power levels of 40W, 60W and 100W respectively. The laser bar geometry is based on the popular industry standard of 1cm bar width, with 19 emitters on a 500µm pitch with fill factor options of 20 and 30 per cent. Typical power conversion efficiency is in the range of 56 per cent at rated power for all three wavelengths.

Ideal for research and development, defence and other diode-pumped alkali laser applications, these diodes are assembled in water-cooled stacks to power scale up to kW levels, according to customer requirements. Diode laser stack arrays can also be offered with volume Bragg gratings (with standard or low reflectivity coatings) and with both optical axes collimated.