QCW diode laser stacked arrays

Dilas, the diode laser company, has released its compact design of QCW high-power vertical diode laser stacked arrays. These devices are available in wavelengths ranging from 808nm to 9xxnm with power ranges up to 300W QCW per bar and optional fast-axis collimation.

These compact, completely AuSn soldered vertical stacks are designed specifically for operation in high temperature environments. The conduction-cooled vertical stacks are available in 1-bar, 7-bar or 8-bar configurations with up to 4 per cent duty cycle at 200W per bar. Under harsh environments, the advanced packaging and high precision optic mounting provides full control allowing fast-axis stack divergence as low as 6mrad.

Custom solutions are available upon request. In addition, the standard models Dilas provides can be customised to fit specific requirements for interfaces, beam propagation and mechanical dimensions.