Diode laser modules

Diode laser company Dilas has increased its range of high-brightness, fibre-coupled diode laser modules based on tailored bar (T-Bar) architecture.

With this new addition, the fibre-coupled modules are now capable of delivering up to 200W output power from a 200µm (NA 0.22) fibre at 976nm. The T-Bar architecture is a development by Dilas and is specifically designed to achieve high-brightness output while maximising fibre coupling efficiency for an overall high-efficiency product.

The T-Bar was developed so that an automated active optics alignment can be used for efficient fibre coupling into a 200µm fibre. This device is a monolithic multi-emitter source that uses multiple emitters during each individual manufacturing step to lower the complexity and enhance the reproducibility of the beam quality and therefore the fibre coupling.

These T-Bar fibre-coupled modules are for research and development usage in direct diode applications as well as for fibre and solid-state laser pumping.