Diode laser systems

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Lumics has enhanced its range of diode laser systems for light material processing in industrial applications such as plastic welding, laser soft soldering, thin sheet metal welding, and surface processing.

The laser systems deliver powers of 10-800W and cover wavelengths from 793-1,940nm with special emphasis on 808nm, 915nm, 940nm, and 980nm for standard material applications. However, 1,064nm, 1,470nm, or 1,940nm are covered as well for special applications in material processing. Mixed wavelengths systems (e.g. 980nm and 1,470nm) are also available. Fibre core sizes range from 100µm to 600µm fibres, depending on power and application.

Due to their high degree of individualisation, Lumics’ diode laser systems are easy to integrate. They come either in rugged industrial casings or as specifically designed OEM versions. Depending on technical requirements on the integrators’ side, the laser systems are air-cooled (with TEC) or water-cooled and are available with standard industrial interfaces such as display, RS232, or LabView.

Other Lumics’ diode laser options such as the fibre detection sensor, monitor diode, temperature sensor, and pilot laser can be included.