Single-mode fibre pigtailed butterfly 14-pin modules

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  Lumics GmbH - Berlin has further increased its wavelength portfolio of single-mode fiber pigtailed butterfly 14-pin modules with internal temperature control and monitor photodiode.

Now Lumics’ added also 760nm to that product line in order to address the oxygen absorption band in that range. Thus as per today modules can be delivered - also for low volume - for the following standard wavelengths: 760, 786, 793, 808, 850, 915, 980, 1012, 1025, 1032, 1064, 1070, and 1080nm. Other customized wavelengths between 750–1100nm can be manufactured on request.

Particularly compelling is the further reduced linewidth of now 10MHz (0.04pm) making those modules highly interesting for applications in sensing, metrology, and life sciences.

The modules can be either driven cw or pulsed, and are available - depending on the wavelength - with up to 500mW output power cw, or up to 2W pulsed. All Lumics’ BTF14 modules are also available in additional alternative configurations:

  • Polarization maintaining fiber up to 12 dB extinction ratio
  • Fiber bragg grating with spectral width from 1 nm in standard configuration down to 0.15 pm
  • Wavelength locking in pulsed operation down to 3 ns for fiber laser seeding or temperature sensing.
  • With standard connectors like SMA, FC/PC, or FC/APC.