Diode-pumped ultrafast lasers

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Pro-Lite is distributing products from Amplitude Systemes, located near Bordeaux, which develops and manufactures diode-pumped ultrafast lasers based on diode-pumped Yb crystals for scientific and industrial applications.

The t-pulse femtosecond oscillator is a compact 75 x 50 x 19cm unit and provides exceptional beam quality, high average power, and long-term stability. The wavelength of 1030nm is ideal for multiphoton microscopy.

With options, pulse durations from 50fs to 2ps are possible with repetition rates up to 50MHz. The s-pulse laser includes a diode-pumped regenerative amplifier, compact pulse stretcher and compressor. Harmonic conversion options extend output wavelengths to 515 and 343nm.

Wavelengths of 900-1100nm are possible with an optional photonic fibre continuum generator. Up to 60W average power is offered with the addition of a fibre amplifier. The pulse group mode can more then double the nominal laser power; also, the first pulses of such pulse groups can pre-condition the material for more efficient ablation – both enhance quality and throughput.