Marking station

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ES Technology has introduced a 1m3 marking workstation for its range of class 1 laser machines. It features four handles and a mass less than 45kg, making it portable. The marking laser station uses an Ytterbium fibre laser inside its box that has a large class 1 manual door, internal LED lightning and a 38 x 280mm safety vision window that complies with CE standards. The box has two access ports on the sides allowing parts up to 1,000mm wide to be placed inside the workstation. The laser can mark metal or plastic parts. The container has a working table, a 150mm data processing Z column and a Harting connector.

A range of accessories like a fume extractor, a capacitive sensor and a rotary module are also available to adapt the system to customer’s specific applications. The laser station also has a graphical editor software, which controls the Ytterbium fibre laser. Using the editor a user can program in the markings needed such as logos, texts and barcodes. Cylindrical parts can be processed too.