Vue-MV-40 laser diode controller

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VueMetrix has released its laser diode controller with DiodeGuard (Vue-MV-40).

Distributed by AMS Technologies, the product features higher output power and voltage (40V, 10A) than previous VueMetrix’s controllers to meet the industry’s latest 9xx laser diode requirements. It is ideal for applications that use 15-20 discrete diodes operated in series including fibre lasers and amplifiers, materials processing and medical systems. 

The Vue-MV-40 can operate more diodes in series than was possible with earlier VueMetrix controllers. The integration of DiodeGuard, VueMetrix's laser diode protection circuitry, reduces the risk of complete system or cascade failure caused by a short circuit or an intermittent connection occurring in a string of diodes that are operated in series.

The controller comes standard with WinVue user interface software. This gives system designers the ability to accelerate product development by allowing them to use the same laser diode control electronics from prototype to production. The Vue-MV-40 is available in both embeddable OEM and stand-alone configurations.