Directional Turning Film (DTF) and Round Tip Display Film (RTD

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Acal BFi has introduced light directing and brightness enhancing films from Luminit to the European photonics, lighting and display markets.

The new products from Luminit include Directional Turning Film (DTF) and Round Tip Display Film (RTD). The DTF transforms an image from a flat panel display to a display with an optimum viewing angle by using a linear asymmetrical prismatic structure to angle the image 20° in any direction.

The DTF can be used applications including recessed can lights to allow for more wall washing, pathway/stair lighting to reduce glare and increase ground illumination, and swimming pool lighting to increase illumination of the bottom.

The RTD Film can increase display brightness by 30-40 per cent through refracting and reflecting previously wasted light towards the viewer. The film’s round-tips are more durable than the commonly used sharp tip prisms, which can break off and cause contamination in the display. The round-tip pattern is embossed on a 10 mil polycarbonate substrate that can withstand higher temperatures.